The Morning Report - Healthy Action

The small pull-back in markets yesterday gave us some healthy consolidation in a strong bull market. A little profit taking allows the 8 ema to catch up some and gives traders a breather in an otherwise strong environment. A little more sideways action would not be unwelcome. Currently futures are up slightly after good retail sales numbers but we will have to see what the tape brings as the day waxes and wanes.

I made a few changes to my portfolio yesterday, taking profits in KBH, RAS and half of XOOM as well as a small loss in second half of SUNE when it closed below the 8 ema. The initial profit on the first half was double the loss I took yesterday, so overall, the trade was still a winning one.

I am running a little late this morning so I have populated Finviz with some charts I will be watching. I will put out some other charts later in the day. Good Luck. http://www.finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=211&t=TMHC,PCRX,OOPEN,ANGI,SOHU,GDP,HOLI,INSM,NQ,YOKU,INCY,DLTR

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