The Morning (quick) Report - Dip Buyers at the Helm $SPY

Dip buyers came in yesterday and negated the sell signals in the indices with another close above the 8 ema in the SPY. The bulls are still in charge. As such, I added back a couple of positions yesterday.

The movers are here and are packing us up so this is a short note today. I will not likely get one out tomorrow.

Good Trading!

10 Responses for "The Morning (quick) Report - Dip Buyers at the Helm $SPY"

  1. Chris Pratsch says:

    Please show a chart every time you discuss something.

  2. Chris Pratsch says:

    i can not see date of any of your messages anywhere.
    Chris Pratsch

    • thetradingwife says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for reading and commenting. The date for each post is to the left at the top of the post. Here is an arrow pointing the date on this post. http://screencast.com/t/7cA1gs48

      Regarding charts - I can only do what I can do. If you read this post you would know that I was dealing with movers packing my stuff as I started my cross country move. It's a miracle I got an update out at all and it is at no cost to you. Thanks for understanding.

  3. Chris Pratsch says:

    thanks for the quick reply. i found the date with other program you sent. As for a chart, a SP-500 daily would be Ok just to show the present position of a trend.
    I scan with TC2000 and am quite happy with this approach.
    Thanks again
    Chris Patsch

  4. Chris Pratsch says:

    shouod hve been Chris Pratsch, lost the "r"

  5. thetradingwife says:

    Thanks again for your comment Chris. If you scroll along my site, you will notice that I do usually include a chart with my posts. But in this case, I had about 3 minutes to get the post out so it was either no chart or no post at all. I decided to update my regular followers that day without a chart.

  6. Chris Pratsch says:

    I use a combination of parabolics, MACD 8,16,7, SMA 16 and 30 (up for two days) and volume to find stocks with solid uptrends. If their SMA 3 also is above SMA 8 I may buy them. Ok so far.
    Of course, i also have sell signals like SMA3 under 8 and MACD 8/16 under 7 that one must observe and follow.

  7. Chris Pratsch says:

    how do I get an up-to-date comment? The one I see is dated as 26 June.

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