My Rules - A Preview

Each and every trader should devise a set of rules that is unique to that trader. Those rules should keep your emotions from triggering while you trade. We are innately emotional beings and the key is not to deny those emotions but to learn how to keep them out of your trading.

Your rules should also reflect your trading strategy and keep you on point. I have spent some time trying to figure out how to create a post on writing rules but I have finally decided that the best solution is to just share my rules with my members. 

As such, I have decided to send them as an email to all current premium subscribers of thetradingwife.net. Here is a preview for the rest of the world.

My Rules

#1 Check Emotions by following the rules without question


#4 Trade with the Trend - Ask yourself if today is a day to make money, lose money or limit losses

#13 If life events trigger emotions unrelated to trading, set hard stops in any current positions and stay away until emotions subside

#15 At the end of the day, ask myself the questions in my daily eod daily journal.



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