Mid-Day Report $SPY

Markets have consolidated the rally over the last two days with all four major indices coming close to the 8 ema and bouncing. My timer remains green at this point as there has not been any strong level of distribution in the markets. SPY looks to be setting up a JHook pattern. I am managing current positions on an individual basis and enjoying the move today in TWTR. Here is the SPY chart.


2 Responses for "Mid-Day Report $SPY"

  1. Chris Pratsch says:

    There is no date on this page! From when is the note?
    Chris Pratsch

  2. thetradingwife says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for asking. The date is always in the upper left corner of the page here: http://screencast.com/t/fEUD9NZXZYgd
    I hope that helps.

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