About The Wife

My name is Danielle Spandau and I am The Trading Wife.

I am a proud wife and mom, as well as full-time trader and trading mentor. I made my first trade in 2000 and have since honed my skills usavatars-000029857872-l0q2yk-t200x200ing a combination of fundamental and technical analysis with a strong emphasis on trader's psychology. My background has brought me from working for a hedge fund to managing my family's money.

I swing trade equities and options using two separate strategies as well as investing long term.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will never hear me say "boom".  I will never tell you that you can turn $10 into $100k in three months. I am in this for the long haul.

I look forward to sharing my market ideas and working with a growing following.

You can follow me on Twitter @thetradingwife

Email: thetradingwife@gmail.com

Following are a few testimonials from current members.

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"I've traded for 5+ years using fundamentals and was not successful at generating consistent profits. When I decided that I wanted to learn how to swing trade using charts (technical) I was introduced to The Trading Wife. Her coaching and trading techniques have helped me generate a 30% profit in under 3 months. The one thing that really sticks out for me of trading with The Wife is that not only do I make money trading with her but I have learned how to create my own trading strategies that I can execute on my own. One of the most important things when trading in the markets is controlling your emotions. Most people are not aware of this factor and make costly mistakes regularly and can’t understand why this happens. The Trading Wife helped me get this side of my trading under control and has helped me generate a consistent profit."



"The Trading Wife has a solid foundation in both technical chart reading and candlestick analysis. She blends both trading systems to consistently find stocks at break out points with excellent potential for large moves with easy risk/reward. I am trading fewer and fewer of my own stock picks because I have found that I can’t beat her overall results. She makes it less stressful for me as a trader and I don’t have to sit at the computer all day since she sends out her trades immediately and I can enter right away. For swing trading, I can’t imagine a better choice than Wife."



"Since meeting The Trading Wife my trading has changed for the better. Danielle loves to teach and I had a lot to learn so we were a perfect match. Some of the things I greatly appreciate:
*Market Outlook is unbiased. The charts talk The Trading Wife listens.
*Both Swing and Option Trades
*Number 1 priority is Risk Management.
*Stock and sector selection are excellent. Examples: FSL(up 34%) WFR(up 36% & 12%) trades members are still holding.
*In the chat room ALL day. If you have questions or a problem you don't have to stress because she is there for us.
*Weekly educational webinar.
*Price of membership is very reasonable and well worth it."
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